Technology and Programming New Updates - 18 oct 2019

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Samsung will fix Galaxy S10 flaw that let anyone bypass fingerprint unlock

Back in March, when Samsung launched the Galaxy S10, they described its fingerprint scanner as “revolutionary.” The in-screen scanner uses ultrasound to detect the ridges of users’ fingers and match it to stored data. Previous versions of in-screen fingerprint scanners tended to use optical scanners, which projected light under the screen and read your fingerprint that way. But it turns out that the only revolutionary thing about the ultrasound sensor is how easy it is to bypass it.

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Google Pixel 4 face unlock worryingly works even when your eyes aren't open

Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have no fingerprint sensor anywhere, instead relying only on face unlock for biometric authentication. Thanks to the advanced hardware housed in the big top screen bezel, this should theoretically be as secure as Apple's Face ID, but there's one key area in which the two technologies differ.

It turns out that the Pixel 4 will unlock even when your eyes are closed. This can become an obvious issue as people around you (a nosy spouse or child or friend) could unlock your phone just by pointing it at your face while you're sleeping. It's unclear why Google has chosen not to include a check for eyes being open, but the company is, for now, sticking to its guns.

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iOS 13 runs on 50% of all iPhones, Apple reveals

Apple just came out with an interesting insight on how iOS 13 adoption is going. The article is aimed mostly at iOS app developers so they can be in touch with the trends.

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 ASUS launches innovative dual screen laptops in India

New Delhi: Taiwanese electronics major ASUS on Thursday unveiled its dual screen laptop series in India which comprises the Zenbook Pro Duo (UX581) and the Zenbook Duo (UX481) at a starting price Rs 2,09,990 and Rs 89,990, respectively.

With the ZenBook Pro Duo and ZenBook Duo, the company has paved way to a new form factor for laptops and come equipped with both a keyboard and a secondary touchscreen for input.

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OnePlus ad for the OnePlus 7T in China features Robert Downey Jr

OnePlus has released an ad for the OnePlus 7T and it features Transformer The Avengers star Robert Downey Jr. The American actor is a popular figure not just in China but globally and OnePlus has featured him in a couple of ads previously.

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 Xiaomi launches Redmi Note 8 series, full specs and details inside

Xiaomi launched the Redmi note 8 series of smartphones today at an event in New Delhi. Rolling out smartphones Redmi note 8, Redmi note 8 pro and the MIUI11, the company said in a statement that it looks to disrupt the smartphone segment all over again.

Redmi Note 8 will be available in 6GB + 64GB and 6GB + 128GB storage variants for Rs 9,999 and Rs 12,999 respectively. Meanwhile, the Redmi Note 8 Pro will be available in 6GB + 64GB, 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 128GB storage variants for Rs 14,999, Rs 15,999 and Rs 17,999 respectively.

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