The 23 top Apple Watch apps you should get

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After a long wait since its introduction last fall -- including eight months and two events -- the Apple Watch is finally reaching customers. Some who managed to order at midnight PT on April 10 are getting their watches now; others who ordered a few minutes later will have to wait until mid-May. That's how quickly the Watch sold out. (I'm somewhere in between; my order went in quickly enough to be in the first batch sold, but I haven't yet received my Watch. At least I can read over the newly posted Apple Watch User Guide while I wait.)

I've been combing through the Apple Watch app store's 3,000+ entries to figure out which apps I want (and which ones other Watch wearers might need). To explore the App Store, you need to first download the Apple Watch app to your iPhone -- it's the same app you'll use to pair the Watch up with your phone. Then you can search for apps just as you do on the desktop or an iDevice.

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