Don't download WhatsApp Gold: It's a virus

  OTHERS   Tuesday, January 8, 2019   1037 | No Comments Yet!!! | No Download | No Demo | Pawan kumar
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Have you also received a WhatsApp forward claiming to upgrage your messaging app for a better experience? If you did, be aware, it'a virus. There has been a WhatsApp forward doing rounds asking people to upgrade for WhatsApp Gold. 

While some users are aware that it's a malfunction. There are others who might fall into the trap of clicking it. 

The WhatsApp message reads: "Had this sent to me. If you use whatsapp! Today the radio was talking about Whatsapp Gold. There is a video that will be launched tomorrow in Whatsapp and is called Martinelli. Do not open it. Goes into your phone and nothing you do will fix it. Spread the word if you know someone.”

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