Chinese hackers now turning cyber gatekeepers: Report

Category > OTHERS || Published on : Monday, June 29, 2015 || Views: 1092 || Chinese hackers now turning cyber gatekeepers Chinese hackers cyber gatekeepers

China, long accused by the United States of rampant cyber aggression, may be synonymous with hacking exploits these days, but that doesn’t mean every Chinese hacker is out to pilfer and destroy. As Chinese companies grapple with a sharp increase in the number of cyberattacks, many hackers are finding it increasingly lucrative to go above board and join the country’s nascent cybersecurity industry.

Zhang Tianqi, a 23-year old Beijinger, cut his chops in high school trying to infiltrate foreign websites, skirting domestic law by probing for vulnerabilities on overseas gaming networks. Now, after a stint working at internet bluechip Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, he is the chief technology officer of a Shanghai-based cybersecurity firm which owns, a site offering rewards for vulnerability discoveries, and internet security media site

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