Google now introduces ‘free app of the week’

Category > OTHERS || Published on : Wednesday, June 17, 2015 || Views: 1023 || Google now introduces ‘free app of the week’ free app of the week

App giveaways are always popular. However, app developers who develop for Android have faced a unique problem. If the app was a paid app, changing it to a free app was good. But once free, the developer wouldn’t be able to convert it back to a paid app.

The result was a difficulty in offering giveaways. According to Android Police, “The offer isn’t immediately apparent when you first open the Play Store. A banner advertising “New Family Fun” appears at the bottom of the screen. Clicking that will take you over to the family section, where you should see another banner advertising a free app of the week from PBS Kids. The banner doesn’t tell you specifically which app is up for grabs, which is kind of awkward. When you click to get more information, the purchase prompt pops up instead.”

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