After smartphones, it's health devices and wearables for YU

Category > OTHERS || Published on : Tuesday, May 12, 2015 || Views: 843 || HealthYU health devices smartphone using HealthYU app

The HealthYU can also be referred to as a medical device. With sensors built in, the HealthYU can record blood pressure, body temperature and blood oxygen saturatin. It also uses a Lead ECG mechanism to capture ECG.  Priced at Rs 4,999, it can generate a graph for later reference on a smartphone using HealthYU app.

This device bundles up as a phone cover, and a user needs to hold the sensor for it to start working. It supports multiple users, up to a maximum four users. However, this isn't a unique concept. US-based fitness start-up Azoi too announced the launch of Wello, an iPhone 5/5s cover capable of tracking vital body functions, but it was priced much higher than the HealthYU.

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