MySQL Tutorial

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Here Pawan Kumar will explain MySQL Tutorial


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Now I will explain How to MySQL Tutorial

So follow the steps to learn MySQL Tutorial

MySQL is an open source database management system, and it is the world's most popular database system. It is used by many organizations including Google, Facebook, YouTube and many others. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is a database programming language, and it is quite easy to learn. MySQL is currently owned by the Oracle Corporation, so do not get it confused with SQL Server which is owned by Microsoft.

MySQL Install

MySQL is available on Mac, Linux and Windows. You can download the Windows version here (opens in new tab), however if you're on Mac or Linux your version should also be somewhere on the same website. Once you have downloaded the executable file run it and you should see the installation wizard.

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MySQL Creating & Deleting Databases

Creating databases is quite simple. Open the MySQL Command Line Client (from now on we will call this CLC or CLI) which can be found in the start menu. When you start it, you will find that it's a small application with a black background. It will tell you to enter your password, which is the password you entered at setup. Enter your password and then you should see something like this

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MySQL Creating & Deleting Tables

Our database CES currently has no tables. We will create a new table named Games. Before we create the table we must select the database:

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MySQL Alter Table

You can alter a table and change a column data type or add new columns, as well as other changes. The alter command will perform the action to add a new column. The syntax is:

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MySQL Insert and Select Data

must must A database is useless if you cannot add and retrieve data. This tutorial will cover how to insert and retrieve data. To insert data you use the following syntax:

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MySQL Updating and Deleting Data

You can update and delete data using the the UPDATE and DELETE commands. To update a column the syntax is:

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So, In this tutorial we have learned, MySQL Tutorial