Updating Report Data in a Report Definition

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Updating the report definition is necessary if you are copying .rdlc files between projects that have different datasets or if you modified the datasets used in your project. If you modify a dataset in the project by removing or renaming fields or tables, the report definition that is bound to the dataset will no longer contain valid references. To update the report definition, use the Report Data window as described in the following steps.

To update datasets in a report definition

  1. Open the client report definition (.rdlc) file in Visual Studio Report Designer.

  2. From the View menu, select Report Data. The Report Data window appears. You can use the following options:

    • To add a new dataset to the report definition, in the Report Data window's toolbar, select New, and then select Dataset.

    • To remove an existing dataset from the report definition, right-click the dataset and select Delete.

    • To modify an existing dataset, right-click the dataset and select Dataset Properties.

  3. Click Refresh to update the report definition file with your changes.

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