Remove or drop all stored procedures from database

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If we have hundreds of stored procedure in our database, to remove these, completely from database became a lengthy task. In this article, I would like to  share the script by which you we can remove stored procedure completely from database.

Step1: Open the MS-SQL Managment Studio(in my  case MSSQL 2008 R2)

Step 2: Select you database from you want to remove all the Store Procedure.

Step 3: Run the below script content

 -- drop all user defined stored procedures

Declare @procName varchar(500) 
Declare cur Cursor For Select [name] From sys.objects where type = 'p' 
Open cur 
Fetch Next From cur Into @procName 
While @@fetch_status = 0 
 Exec('drop procedure ' + @procName) 
 Fetch Next From cur Into @procName 
Close cur 
Deallocate cur