Is Facebook Getting Ready to Launch eBay-Like Features?

Following the testing of its classifieds feature back in December, Facebook is now said to be testing a feature that takes it a step further. Users are seeing the ability to search items for on sale across both public and subscribed groups, divided into categories.

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Facebook Getting Ready to Launch eBay-Like Features Facebook Getting Ready to Launch eBay-Like Features

Railway schedules now on Google Maps

Google on Tuesday announced the addition of Indian Railways schedules as well as updated information about public transport in eight Indian cities to Google Transit.

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Google Transit Indian Railways schedules Google Transit is a feature in Google Maps public transport trips

After smartphones, it's health devices and wearables for YU

The HealthYU can also be referred to as a medical device. With sensors built in, the HealthYU can record blood pressure, body temperature and blood oxygen saturatin. It also uses a Lead ECG mechanism to capture ECG. Priced at Rs 4,999, it can generate a graph for later reference on a smartphone using HealthYU app.

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HealthYU health devices smartphone using HealthYU app

First look Yu Yuphoria: At Rs 6999, this smartphone looks like a steal

Yu Yuphoria is the new smartphone from Micromax’s founder Rahul Sharma’s YU smartphone brand. The YU brand of smartphones come with the CyanogenMod OS and so far the first YU brand smartphone, the YU Yureka, sold over half a million devices, according to the company.

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Yu Yuphoria Micromax new phone new mobile launch

Dictionary Data Type in C#

In the this tutorial, we are going to learn Dictionary data type in C#. Dictionary Data type stores key value pairs, but unlike VB, it’s a little more strict in C#. We’ll learn the differences and some of the more common methods associated with Dictionary in this tutorial.

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Dictionary Data Type in C# Dictionary Data Type dictionary data type in c#

Top C# interview questions

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Top C# interview questions C# interview questions Top C# interview questions c# interview questions and answers interview questions and answers c sharp interview questions c# technical interview questions and answers c# 4.0 interview questions and answers common c# interview questions c sharp questions and answers interview questions

Windows 10 could be Microsoft’s last version of the OS

News has it that there won’t be a Windows 11. Yes, Windows 10 is the last traditional release from the company, and Microsoft will improve it by adding enhancements and updates in the future.

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Windows 10 could be Microsoft’s last version of the OS Windows 10 News Windows 10 Updates