Computer Awareness Part I

Expected computer Awareness questions for LIC, DMRC, IBPS CLERK, IBPS PO, RRB, SSC, KVS, JUNIOR CLERK ETC

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 Which ports connect special types of music instruments to sound cards?

 A _____is an electronic device that process data, converting it into information.

 Application software ________.

 The most common method of entering text and numerical data into a computer system is through the use of a ________.

 What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network?

 A ____ is a flash memory storage device that plugs into a USB port.

 An operating system version designed for use with a Media Center PC is Microsoft Windows XP ____.

 What are individual boxes in spreadsheets called?

 What is the purpose of a file extension?

 Where is data saved permanently?

 Cache memory is–