Computer Awareness Part V

Expected computer Awareness questions for LIC, DMRC, IBPS CLERK, IBPS PO, RRB, SSC, KVS, JUNIOR CLERK, Insurance

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 The program counter-

 Which layer functions as liaison between user support layers and network support layers ?

 Systems that are built from a functional viewpoint would typically use which of the following methods?

 Which of the following is true about Operating System?

 Pop-ups are a form of ________on the World Wide Web.

 The........... settings are automatic and standard.

 MIME stands for ------------

 Narrowband channel is a communication channel–

 The technique where digital signals are converted to its analog form for transmission over an analog facility is called–

 Password is–

 An E-mail protocol for storage, management and change, especially in corporate offices–

 A process of trying out a new product by independent users before it is finally manufactured/developed–

 BISYNC is an abbreviation for–